About us

We are both very passionate about cooking and perfecting our skills. We love to eat but at the same time we are very selective about what we are eating. We believe that people should be able to enjoy tasty and flavourful food without feeling guilty after eating it. That is the core of healthy relationship with food. Since we couldn't find the restaurant or company that can provide us with tasty AND healthy food options we realize that it is a perfect opportunity to express our passion for culinary and healthy food and to start Green Pepper Club so we can make healthy meals for people with the busy work schedule or people who are just tired of cooking in general.

Our Mission:

At Green Pepper Club we believe that healthy eating is a pattern of eating that supports your best possible physical, mental and emotional health. It includes making diverse and balanced food choices that meet your needs for nutrients and energy. Healthy eating is the overall way we interact with and approach food in our lives. It includes having a positive relationship with food, enjoying your food, and feeling comfortably satisfied after eating without feeling guilt or shame. It means taking pleasure in food with others and as a part of celebrations and culture. It can include choosing foods sometimes because they give your body nutrients, even though you might prefer the taste of something else. It includes eating foods occasionally that don’t fit into any of the food groups just for the sheer pleasure of their taste. Our mission is to make you healthy and happy, it's simple as that.

Our Menu:

We are always trying new things and determent to regularly introduce new ideas. We are changing our menu every 3 - 4 weeks so our clients always have plenty of options to choose from and you don't need to look for an alternative restaurants. We have a great verity of gluten free, dairy free and vegan options. Occasionally we serve special holiday menus and as we introduce new ideas we also try new trends like Keto diet menu items.

How To Order:

Follow these 4 simple steps:

  1. Choose a meal plan
    • Select a Meal Plan that best suits your personal needs.
  1. Choose your favourite recipes
    • Pick your favourites from the variety of meals we offer. watch for our specials, we launch new ones every 2-3 weeks!
  1. Place your order while we handle it from here and DELIVER
    • Within the duration, your ordered meal is prepared from scratch by our outstanding chefs. Once it is ready, we deliver it to your selected destination in the time slots you chose.
  1. Just heat, eat and ENJOY!
    • Follow the instruction card we provided, heat your ready-to-eat meal and enjoy.
    • No subscription required!